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Last Souls

Explore, Observe, Fight and Defeat

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What is Last Souls ?

Last souls is a 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania soulslike game.
The player controls a mysterious caped character and explores a labyrinthine, dark and cold world.

What kind of games is it ?

Last souls is a metroidvania, a subgenre of the action-adventure game in which the player evolves in a vast universe in which he must unlock each new area by exploring the environment and reaching key places, marked for example by obtaining new powers.
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Explore an interconnected world.

The world of last souls is divided into 8 totally different zones as for the visual as for the gamplay. In each zone, a boss hides, which after defeating it, gives an ability.

A lot of weapons !

More than 30 weapons divided into 5 classes.
Many different spells and "talisements" that influence the gameplay.
Various skills and a crafting system of consumables.
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If you are interested, you can add last souls in your steam wishlist, it really helps for the visibility of the game.

Download Last Souls

If you want to download a demo of the game, you can do so by joining the discord server.